Fotografía de Aves – Slideshow 1 – YouTube

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  1. Cherie Pittillo dijo:

    Ivan, I’ve just «awed» at your bird images. Congratulations on a beautifully written and illustrated blog. I’ll admit after seeing the first page, I went to your ETHICS page and was relieved to read what you wrote. Thank you for including the info because if photographers don’t understand animal behavior and respect their subjects, then your info will help them understand this important concept. Education is the key. Also, it was a great pleasure to meet you at the TOH Festival. I also shared your card with Joann Andrews. I look forward to enjoying more of your creativity. Happy trails, Cherie

    • Hello Cherie!
      Thank you so much for your most appreciative words. I’m honored to count you among my readers. 🙂
      Taking part for the first time in the TOH Festival has truly been an inspiring experience for me and also lots of fun!. Meeting people like yourself and so many others with a heartfelt interest in our feathered friends boosts my energy levels and encourages me to continue working in this project. Full report on the Festival experience coming up soon!
      I also want to sincerely thank you for sharing my card with Mrs. Andrews and with others in your circle of friends. Best wishes, hope we’ll meet again soon.

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