Conference at Universidad de Oriente

It’s been over a week since my conference at Universidad de Oriente. Rose and I have been so busy producing my coming photography show that only now am I able to post something about it.

The experience was worth all the effort, the general reaction was excellent and the audience seemed interested, at least most of the time. The main topics were the uniqueness of the Yucatan Peninsula, the way it influenced my own experience as a photographer turned birder, and the great possibilities in bird related tourism that are viable in this special part of the world.

I also put forth the basic idea for a project that the students may manage on their own, forming teams and procuring their own birding education by taking advantage of the available workshops for bird-guides, organized by Pronatura Peninsula de Yucatan. Some students approached me and expressed interest in the idea. Whether they will move forward with it remains to be seen. I also urged them to participate in this year’s edition of the Toh Bird Festival, hopefully I will run into some of them there.

The University presented me with the following certificate:

Now on to other things. I have a couple of subjects lined up for publication in Ride Into Birdland:

– An interesting interview with legendary conservationist Joann Andrews, Honorary President and Founder of Pronatura Peninsula Yucatan.

– A report of a very nice birding tour by electric boat amongst the mangroves of the Fairmont Mayakoba. Plenty of birds to see, even a crocodile or two!

Stay in tune!


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  1. Carlos Ricalde says:

    Muchas felicidades Iván por el exito obtenido en esta conferencia, me parece una excelente aportación de tu parte a la promoción hacia la afición por las aves, y en especial a la fotografía de las mismas. Saludos.

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